About Us

Welcome to Mivida Miniature Poodles. I proudly specialize in Black and Brown Miniature Poodles.

We are located in beautiful Southern California. I've had Standard Poodles as companions for many years, but in 2008, I  decided to extend my love of the breed to include Miniatures and begin showing into the conformation ring.
I strive for all my Poodles to achieve there AKC registered Championships.  I'm proud of the dogs we show and breed, not only for their accomplishments in the show ring, but for those who will go on to be devoted and loving family companions. 

At Mivida Poodles  we are dedicated to the preservation of the Miniature Poodle and we adhere the breed standard as proposed by the Poodle Club Of America acknowledged by the American Kennel Club. The goal at Mivida is to produce Poodles with stable temperament, health, conformation and performance ability.